[ATTENTION]: GizeDAO does NOT have a token on the market at this time. Please be aware of any fake token contracts being launched and keep an eye on official channels for updates!

Everything you need to run your DAO. All in one place.

An easy to use, all-in-one platform that helps you run your DAO. By providing efficient features to save time for crypto organizations.


Homebase for DAO operators

GizeDAO provides DAO Operation Systems with a simple, comprehensive platform for seamless DAO management
Active Governance
Create, Vote and View DAO proposals
Snapshot integration
View Scheduled, Active and Closed proposals
Analyse results
Treasury Management
Easy DAO communication center.
Safe Integration
M-Safe Integration
Overview of Treasury Assets
Initiate and sign multisig transactions
View, track and accept payment requests
Management Tools
Easy DAO communication center.
Manage tasks and bounties
Assign and Contribute
Virtual Meeting
Easy DAO communication center.
Recording and Storage
Live Chat
Communication built for DAOs
Easy DAO communication center.
Direct Message
DAO to DAO chat
Discord integration
Private key encrypted messaging suite

Built By Developers, For Community

Our platform is made possible by the collaborative efforts of our community. From developers to users, we work together to create a platform that truly serves its users. Join us in building the future of community management and governance!
Blockchain Supports
GizeDAO bridges the gap between decentralized communities by supporting a wide range of blockchain networks.
Join the GizeDAO Community and Shape the Future. Contribute, Collaborate, and Make an Impact Together.